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Marketry’s services cover business, brand and marketing strategies, backed by Elizabeth Graetz’s expertise in strategic communications. Her work starts with understanding a client’s context, challenges, opportunities, priorities and resourcing. It builds from a unique foundation while offering the confidence and efficiency of established frameworks.

Elizabeth is skilled in supporting leaders seeking an independent perspective, established strategy teams looking for advice, organisations facing gaps in their in-house expertise, underdeveloped teams needing to build capability, and sizeable teams seeking additional support or strategic guidance. Depending on the nature of an engagement, strategy services often then flow into high-level, specialist delivery.


  • Business strategy development or reset (long, medium and short-term)

  • Business strategy review

  • Business strategy communication

  • Purpose, values, vision and mission development

  • Core competencies definition (coming soon)

  • Strategy discovery session (coming soon)


  • Brand strategy development or reset

  • Brand distinctiveness guidance

  • Brand positioning development

  • Brand codes and visual style development or reset

  • Employee value proposition development or reset


  • Marketing strategy development or reset

  • Marketing tactic guidance

  • Marketing campaign advice and high-level development

  • Competitive advantage definition

Marketry’s services draw on:

  • Listening and enquiring activities

  • Model selection and/or development

  • Desktop reviews and assessment

  • Leader engagement

  • People engagement

  • Stakeholder research

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Creative agency briefing

  • Implementation advice and direction

  • Ongoing check-in support.

The quality of results is always influenced by how well a client and consultant match up on strategy philosophy, culture and the X-factor of personality fit. If Elizabeth is not the right provider for your needs, you are assured of upfront, honest feedback and, where possible, guidance on potential alternatives.


Developing a strong strategy to guide tactical choices

Combining practical and process thinking with creativity

Developing tailored solutions that drive value

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