Marketry is a marketing consulting service by Brisbane-based specialist, Elizabeth Graetz.

With more than 17 years’ experience, I offer expertise in strengthening the strategy, marketing and communications capabilities of businesses. I help organisations achieve their goals by connecting their business direction with strategic marketing that focuses resources where they will offer the most value. My passion is improving organisational capacity, clarity and effectiveness.

With a background in marketing communications and generalist corporate communications, today, my passion is in business and marketing strategy. Since founding Marketry in 2010, I have supported a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from small-to-medium sized enterprises through to ASX listed companies. My expertise spans marketing strategy development and delivery, marketing integration with sales, brand development and management and marketing communications. I also help start-up enterprises articulate their business strategy and am a skilled workshop facilitator for strategic, complex projects that need to engage multiple stakeholders. With a specific focus on business-to-business enterprises, my sector experience is deliberately generalist – spanning construction, creative industries, engineering, environmental innovation, government, IT, infrastructure, management consulting, manufacturing, mining, not-for-profit foundations and charities, professional services, property development, real estate, resources, retail, software and tourism.

I focus on understanding a client’s wider context to ensure precision and relevance and, where possible, to anticipate future opportunities or needs. I also provide advice on the most effective, efficient and resource-smart way to achieve a desired outcome. My style is professional, thorough, enthusiastic and creative – with the ability to offer both big picture thinking and drill down into the detail that delivers the right results. I am a distinction-level graduate of the international Mini MBA in Marketing and a former Certified Practising Marketer and Associate Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute .

Elizabeth Graetz


It creates understanding and purposeful interactions, particularly if it listens more than it speaks.

It strikes a balance between vision and adaptability by ensuring action is led by strategy.

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