15 Jun 2012

A retail downturn and a market with highly recognised, established brands is hardly the ‘ideal’ context for launching a new business.

If you want to build a brand in this environment, you have two options: play in someone else’s space (sounds crowded? yes, it is), or cr...

14 Jun 2012


Deicke Richards is quite a remarkable multi-disciplinary design practice – not just because of the calibre of the team or standard of their work. Their culture drives a focus on end-users that carries the hallmarks of community development principles (yes, you can see...

13 Jun 2012

DNA to one side, the work of my older brother Daniel’s media production company, Graetzmedia, is of the highest standard I’ve seen. Dan recently won a Golden Tripod at the 2012 Australian Cinematographers Society National Awards for Cinematography, in the Experimental...

12 Jun 2012

Whether or not you have the constraint of a low budget, it pays to be resource smart in your marketing communications program. Here are a few pointers that can make a big difference:

1. Capitalise on seasonality. If you're in retail this might mean spending less during...

11 Jun 2012

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is getting increasing airtime in business circles. There’s no question that it can be a ‘forced hand’ strategy…everyone’s ‘doing it’ so we have to as well. It can also be a manipulative strategy…solely the desire to look good and m...

10 Jun 2012

Whether you’re a manager, a marketer or any professional handed the classic ‘do more with less’ challenge, there are some lessons you may find useful in a process that isn’t born out of business strategy.

During my community development studies at Deakin University, I c...

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