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23 Mar 2014

In October last year I had the privilege of joining an amazing group of Aussies on a Trek Peru adventure with World Vision. The focus of the trip was the four-day Salcantay Trek in the Andes. Each person had to raise a minimum of $3,800 to participate; together we rais...

13 Jul 2013

Social entrepreneurship uses business to empower socially-motivated causes. It’s been around for about as long as people have but it feels like it’s going through something of an explosion. Anyone who subscribes to Springwise would be aware of the creative, dynamic and...

19 Jul 2012

I’ve just returned from a month in Myanmar – my second trip to this extraordinary country. It’s in the middle of one of today’s most remarkable revolutions. Every aspect of their society is facing significant change.

My first visit was only nine months ago and in that s...

14 Jun 2012


Deicke Richards is quite a remarkable multi-disciplinary design practice – not just because of the calibre of the team or standard of their work. Their culture drives a focus on end-users that carries the hallmarks of community development principles (yes, you can see...

11 Jun 2012

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is getting increasing airtime in business circles. There’s no question that it can be a ‘forced hand’ strategy…everyone’s ‘doing it’ so we have to as well. It can also be a manipulative strategy…solely the desire to look good and m...

10 Jun 2012

Whether you’re a manager, a marketer or any professional handed the classic ‘do more with less’ challenge, there are some lessons you may find useful in a process that isn’t born out of business strategy.

During my community development studies at Deakin University, I c...

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1 Feb 2018

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